BB7’s Juan Martinez publishes whitepaper – Post-fire assessment of composite steel-concrete box-girder bridges

This year Juan Martinez published his whitepaper with the support of Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, and Antonio Hospitaler from The Polytechnic University of Valencia. This is a great achievement and provides valuable research to the University and the construction industry. He is also presenting the expansion on his findings at the 2024 Structures in Fire Conference in Portugal, at the University of Coimbra.

BB7 is continuing to strengthen its commitment to research and continued learning, with further research and development opportunities being discussed with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and with the University of Cyprus.

Post-fire assessment of composite steel-concrete box-girder bridges. Lessons from a recent incident


The structural fire analysis of bridges is crucial for ensuring transportation infrastructure safety since bridges, due to their unique characteristics and exposure to environmental hazards, are particularly susceptible to fire-induced damage. Despite this vulnerability, there is a lack of both experimental research and design guidelines for ensuring fire safety in bridges. This underscores the importance of studying actual bridge fire incidents. This article presents a comprehensive examination of the numerical and experimental investigations carried out to evaluate the structural condition of a composite box-girder bridge located in Valencia, Spain, following a significant fire incident. In addition, the paper details the repair works carried out to fully restore the operational capacity of the bridge, along with the key lessons learned from the incident. Therefore, the article highlights the vital synergy between advanced numerical models and experimental investigations to strengthen rehabilitation action plans and gain valuable insights for making informed decisions regarding post-fire structural integrity. By doing so, the study enhances understanding of bridge safety under fire and provides actionable recommendations for researchers, practitioners, and transportation authorities.

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