Quality policy

BB7 will become the leading independent fire and security consulting firm in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

More broadly and as the company grows, we want to become the ‘wisest’ player in those markets within which we choose to operate. Wise enough to be able to consider the bigger picture allowing us to improve and get better. Wise enough to challenge the way things are done.

This vision will only be realised if excellence becomes an expectation achieved by process, in order to:-

Ensure the services offered to our clients are delivered to the highest standards. Deliver services under quality controlled conditions to ensure that the required results are consistently achieved through a process of monitoring, measuring and the analysis of data enabling us to deliver a top class service to our customers, whilst maintaining cost and time efficiencies. To assist in achieving these objectives, it is the policy of the company to implement and maintain an effective and efficient quality management system. Therefore BB7 have implemented and maintains a British Standards Institute accredited management system conforming to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and also the requirements of BAFE SP205 quality document.

I confirm that we are fully committed to the continual improvement of our quality management system. We maintain a high level of staff awareness of the QMS through communication, training and the promotion of involvement of all staff in the continual improvement of the quality management system. All staff members are positively encouraged to report deficiencies in any process or procedure to me directly for the further improvement of the management system. If viable, the system will be amended and communicated accordingly.

Benjamin C. Bradford BSc MSc MBA CEng PPCABE FRICS FIFireE

Chief Executive for and on behalf of BB7 Group Limited.