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Realising an aesthetic vision whilst championing constructibility, technical performance, sustainability, and value.

What is a Facade?

The facade of a building is the first thing you see when you approach a building, making up the external skin of every building in the world. From the traditional facing brick, punch windows and doors to highly technical buildings with high-performance glass, offsite construction methods and double skin systems, the purpose of the facade is always the same – to keep the undesirable elements of the outside out whilst controlling the internal environment to let in/keep the desirable elements.


Why do we have Facade Consultants?

The complexity of the task to be accomplished by the external fabric of the building is immense; dealing with structural & thermal performance, weathering, airtightness and impact to name but a few. Couple that with the hundreds of governing regulations, standards, best practice documents and guidance materials it is a formidable task to design and engineer, even for the most straightforward of facade types.


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