Outsourcing: A powerful tool for business

Each year, more and more organisations outsource a growing range of activities. Why?

Quite simply, outsourcing delivers results. It’s a proven tool in improving business performance and transforming functions such as fire risk management.

As a flexible, committed outsourcing partner, BB7 consistently bring our clients measurable service improvements. We transform and manage existing Fire Risk Management Systems and those who maintain them. We create and run completely new service infrastructures. Our extensive infrastructure enable us to step-up service efficiency, quality and flexibility, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty more cost effectively than an in-house operation.

What makes us an ideal transformation partner?

Our passion for Fire Risk Management combined with unrivalled capability and experience. We begin with thorough analysis. By fully understanding each client’s fire safety challenges and objectives, we ensure that our solutions match their expectations and deliver real benefits to them and their customers. We work closely with them to identify and deliver the best ways of working. Our goal: measurable step changes in Fire Risk Management that increase efficiency, quality and accessibility while simultaneously cutting the cost of compliance.

Our seven outsourced services are detailed below:

1) Ad-hoc fire risk assessments
BB7 are the pioneers of strategic fire risk management and maintain and enviable reputation within the profession. We were the first company in the United Kingdom to obtain Quality Assurance Certification of Companies Offering Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Services. BB7 has demonstrated to Warrington Certification, technical and management competencies to undertake life safety fire risk assessments as required by, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 and The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 and is now listed as a certified company.

2) Project management of FRA program
We have significant experience in the management of fire risk assessment programmes across large multi-site portfolios. We design and implement the FRA program, then deliver on time and within budget. We’ll advise when FRA’s are to be undertaken and when FRA’s are to be reviewed. We’ll liaise with Fire Authorities to ensure their ‘buy-in’ when agreeing the programme.

3) Training & certificating your employees
If your organisation wishes to cut the cost of consultants we can train your employee fire risk assessors and prepare them for FRACS Certification via a UKAS accredited third party certification body. This scheme was developed using the international standard for bodies operating certification of persons; BS EN ISO/IEC 17024: 2003. Competency cannot be gained after a course and you must think of it as a process. We understand that process and deliver training that affords your employees the opportunity to shadow us, we shadow them, peer review their output and then put them through the certification process. Our internal auditor or lead auditor courses are designed to build the competencies of your in-house fire safety managers or advisors so they have the skills to maintain your program.

4) Building your FRMS
Have your formalised your fire risk management system (FRMS)? Or are your systems and procedures haphazard and inconsistent across departments. As the principle authors of PAS 7: 2013 – Fire Risk Management Systems Specification from British Standards Institution we are widely acknowledged to be the pioneers of strategic fire risk management. So who better to help your organisation document policy, strategy and procedure? We’ve gained a broad experience in your sector and can identify best practice.

5) Auditing your FRMS
Regardless of whether your FRMS is PAS 7 compliant or not we can undertake a gap analysis or audit to determine where you are at and make recommendations for business process improvement and improved risk mitigation. We’ll interview your staff, build stakeholder engagement and help define roles and responsibilities.

6) FRMS Maintenance package
BB7 offer a fully outsourced fire risk management service having built the system we are happy to maintain it, while delivering the FRA program, training staff, and providing ad-hoc advice to other departments such as estates, or health and safety. We are happy to take your employees under our wing on a secondment basis or place fire safety professionals inside your business and ensure they have the competencies to deliver the level of strategic fire risk management service you expect from leaders in the field. More than this we can help you achieve Fire Risk Management System Certification from a UKAS accredited third party certification body such as SGS or British Standards Institution and offer the highest level of assurance to your customers.

7) Integration of risk management systems
Our knowledge of fire, risk and resilience management system standards affords us a unique insight into the implementation of integrated risk management systems in blue chip organisations. Our focus is on efficiency and the eradication of duplication or unnecessary bureaucracy. PAS 99 is the world’s first specification for integrated management systems and working with our partners we can project management the integration of fire, security, business continuity, health and safety management system.