Our People

We pride ourselves on nurturing careers to aid growth for our whole team on their professional, and personal journeys.

Over 130 people across the UK and Ireland.

The team includes engineers, surveyors, assessors, and corporate services. Together we are one team. Our People are what makes us great, we are a community, a family, and a team. The talent within our team is passed on to our clients, and each other and aids our commitment to creating a sustainable business.

Our People Principles

Our team are committed to driving a sustainable business that is both commercially successful and socially and environmentally responsible. We focus on providing our teams with a safe and healthy working environment and our organisational culture promotes diversity, inclusivity, personal development and respect.

Our People and our culture are what makes BB7 great.  Our team enjoy coming to work knowing they can be themselves and enter an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation.

Employing people from different ethnic backgrounds creates a powerful, dynamic team environment, our differences complement our strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial to us that, regardless of role, everyone is treated with dignity, respect, takes pride in our brand, and everything BB7 stands for.

Our approach to recruitment, reward, recognition, employee relations, and employee engagement are all designed around our approach to creating a sustainable business.

Our People Benefits

We offer a private healthcare and wellbeing scheme to support our people with our top priority – their health. We also have a Pension Scheme and Life Cover in line with our focus on the social aspect of our ESG commitment, and an electric car benefit, and cycle2work scheme to support the environment.

We are dedicated to our BB7 community, and our People team completes many benchmarking activities to ensure we are always aligned to our commitment to offering a fair deal. Our People framework is designed around 7 key principles:

  1. Provision of services for mental health & wellbeing
  2. Employee voice
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity welcomed and encouraged
  4. Equal opportunities
  5. Corporate governance
  6. Fair pay and working conditions
  7. Community

Cycle 7

We understand that the way we do business has an impact on society. Therefore, we have created ‘Cycle 7’.

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Public good projects

We are committed to helping projects that need support.

Find out more if you can benefit from our technical expertise free of charge.

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Our projects

We are proud of the work we provide to our clients, nationally and internationally.

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