Important Update on Building(Part B – Fire Safety) Regulations 2024 Republic of Ireland

On March 26th the new Building Regulations 2024 were signed and an updated Technical guidance document has been published.

There are many significant changes to reflect the recent changes and demands on the construction and use of buildings. These are :

  • The latest regulations introduce three new sections covering smoke control systems, existing structures, and sprinklers (Sections 6, 7, and 8).
  • Sprinkler systems are now required in multi-storey Residential (Care Facilities), and the sprinklered compartment size for shops has been reduced from 4000m2 to 2000m2.
  • Provisions for sprinkler systems and fire-resisting zones have been incorporated for buildings with a topmost floor height exceeding 15m.
  • Notes regarding ‘dwelling houses’ have been omitted; please consult Technical Guidance Document Part B – Fire Safety- Volume 2 Dwelling Houses for further details.
  • New definitions and specific scopes for purpose groups have been added, including definitions for Care Facility, Assembly and Recreation, Industrial Normal Hazards, etc.
  • Fresh guidelines have been introduced regarding site-specific hazards and related fire protection requirements, such as those in car parks and industrial high-hazard sites.
  • Section B5 has been revised with the omission of the reference to ‘protection of property’ in accordance with the Building Control Act 1990 – 2020.
  • New provisions allow for enhanced internal firefighter access to buildings with a topmost floor height greater than 11m but less than 20m.
  • New standards for fire performance of building facades have been established.

These changes come into effect on 1st May 2025. For more guidance please speak to our experts, who will be happy to support you on your projects.