Menopause and the workplace

13 million women in the UK are going through perimenopause or menopause RIGHT NOW! So why is it still considered a taboo subject? Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen a massive change since the Davina McCall effect and her mission to raise awareness and break the silence. Menopause is an inherent part of a woman’s life journey, yet many women endure it quietly. Numerous organisations neglect to recognise that their female staff will encounter this phase at some point and to understand the importance of offering support and implementing measures to ensure their employees’ comfort in the workplace.

Shockingly 1 in 4 women consider leaving work during menopause, and 1 in 10 leave their job due to their symptoms. With over 660 million women worldwide heading for menopause and half of those in the workplace, this is a huge number of women who due to the lack of support could leave a job they love.

Employers and workplaces must be proactive in addressing menopause-related issues by implementing supportive policies and practices. Women must also break the silence and actively voice their experiences and challenges related to menopause. There are many things that employers can do to support their workforce affected by menopause including:

  • Be flexible – Consider offering flexible scheduling and remote work options when necessary. Those affected by severe symptoms in the early hours might work more productively into the evening.
  • Adapt the work environment – Provide fans and make office spaces as comfortable as possible. If your company has a uniform or dress code, make the fabric breathable or relax the code.
  • Listen – It’s imperative for managers to attentively listen to their employees’ requirements. Each individual experiences unique symptoms, and we all have distinct coping mechanisms.
  • Produce a formal policy – Having something in writing will give comfort to those concerned over job security. It will enable women to feel safe in bringing their concerns forward.
  • Provide a menopause champion / Focus Group – Sharing is truly caring – experience sharing will help employees feel united. This should also not be restricted to just women, as men could have partners suffering at home.
  • Provide training and education to all – Raising awareness to the workforce allows for a greater understanding of the symptoms their colleagues might be going through. It will create allyship in the workplace and will create a more comfortable environment to work in for all.

Supporting menopause at work is not only about creating a more inclusive and equal workplace but also about fostering employee well-being, productivity, and overall organisational health. Companies must be forward-thinking and compassionate to support their employees through several life changes. At BB7 we pride ourselves on putting our people first and have recognised that in a male-dominated industry we must go above and beyond to ensure our women feel comfortable in seeking support from us.

Rebecca Bower, Marketing Director at BB7, stated, “Education is key for all, not just our female workforce. We will all experience the symptoms of menopause, whether that’s firsthand or via a family member or colleague. We must break the taboo and ensure that we can talk about these topics. At BB7 we are offering education sessions through our Learning Lounge platform to give the facts and hear firsthand from individuals who have been affected by menopause.”

For those wanting to find out more on menopause and how it can affect you at work, there are many resources available, including:

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Our Apprentice Program

Fire Engineer apprentices at BB7 play a vital role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of fire protection systems. As apprentices , they receive comprehensive and extensive training with hands on experiences to develop their skills in becoming trained professionals in the field. BB7 , a leading fire engineering consultancy , supports these apprentices through mentorship , tailored learning programmes and a wide range of exposure to real world projects.

All in all , this support helps facilitate a deep level of understanding of fire safety regulations , building  codes and innovative technologies. By nurturing these apprentices , BB7 not only contributes to growth of the next generation of fire engineers but enhances the overall fire safety standards in various industries.

Hear from our Apprentices on their experiences at BB7:

Our Graduate Program

Graduates play a crucial role in contributing to a company’s growth, adaptability, and success. Their unique attributes and potential for growth make them valuable assets, and investing in their development can yield long-term benefits for the business.

At BB7 we have a supportive graduate program to champion our graduates in reaching their full potential. Understanding that learning is more than just office-based we ensure that our graduates meet clients and experience “hands-on” learning in the infancy of their education, and throughout. Our team at BB7 recognises our graduates as individuals and tailors their journey to support them and their needs. We are proud of our past graduates and the success they have achieved, and we look forward to the future success of all our team.

Hear from our graduates, past and present, on their experiences at BB7:

BB7 Learning Lounge

Back to the beginning – why did we introduce the Learning Lounge?

Investing in learning is a powerful way to cultivate individual growth, professional success, and organisational development. It enables individuals to become more skilled, adaptable, and innovative while empowering BB7 to remain competitive and responsive to evolving challenges and opportunities. It also encourages knowledge sharing across the business.

The team at BB7 has vast knowledge in the industry from structural engineering, CFD modelling, fire assurance, facades, fire risk management, and much more. All this knowledge can be shared to help others learn and grow in their roles, especially the new generation of consultants.

What does this mean for our team?

Through the Learning Lounge, we are able to guarantee 30 hours of in-house technical CPD each year. We regularly invite other organisations to speak to the team via the Learning Lounge and provide updates on industry changes and expectations.

Does this include the graduate program?

We quickly realised that providing CPD hours is great, but we could do so much more to support engineers and the future of engineering. With this, we turned our attention to building the Graduate Training Programme which we are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with FireQual to certify the Graduate Training Programme as a recognised program under the BB7 Learning Lounge initiative.

Mandy Youssef and Shauna Jameson, Senior Fire Engineers and part of the development team for the Graduate program say:

‘At BB7, we aspire to cultivate a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation by placing people at the forefront of our initiatives.

‘People’ is what BB7 is built on, so we are aiming to focus on this from the very start of the engineer’s career and the decision to create our graduate training program stems from a commitment to fostering industry excellence and internal continuity. By crafting a comprehensive training framework and guide, we aim to empower our engineers with the essential skills and knowledge (both technical and non-technical) required to excel in their careers. We recognise that investing in the growth of our talented individuals elevates their professional trajectory along with the entire organisation.

Through our graduate programme, Firequal will certify graduates when they complete their training and we have purposely integrated the IFE CEng IPD objectives, ensuring that our graduates embark on a journey towards achieving their professional chartership aspirations from the day they start at BB7.’

BB7 and the Learning Lounge will continue to evolve and develop based on what our people need and want from us. There is so much more that the Learning Lounge can and will offer, keep watching to see what happens next.

Is Learning Lounge just for BB7?

BB7 have supported our clients, educational institutions, and our partners for a while. Whilst Learning Lounge is a new concept externally, we will be developing sessions that others can book on to.

Watch this space for the remainder of the year, where education is key to success.