BB7 Evolution

Brand Evolution

BB7 has and always will be a challenger brand.  We stay relevant, anticipate trends, and embrace innovation.  As we approach our 13th Anniversary it was the right time to look at our brand, and our values and concentrate on the future. With a diverse range of specialist services, we wanted our brand to reflect the evolution of BB7.

Love him or hate him, Jeff Bezos once said,

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.  You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”.

The BB7 Brand

Consistency is the key to successful branding and how an organisation delivers messages aligned with its core values, brand promise, customer experience, and brand identity elements.

Many companies talk the talk on values, but we walk the walk. In fact, the name BB7 arose because Ben Bradford founded the firm on SEVEN guiding principles which describe what we want to embody and the unique character, spirit, and identity that is BB7. Lots of companies now speak about purpose, values, valuing people, and wanting to become an outstanding employer, but we’ve been doing this from conception and consistently matching our actions to our words for well over a decade.

Our values inspire and guide our people, shaping everything we do. This shines through in all areas of our work – from recruitment and learning through to project delivery and innovation. Our values are the bedrock of our culture. Our unique culture is a hard strategic asset.

The firm has grown over time from a small independent with a single office to a large 150+ person firm with eight offices throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This has never been about size, nor scale. This is about leading and as one of the leading independent fire consulting firms in the UK and Ireland, we have reached a level of governance and sophistication that needed to be reflected in our branding, whilst still maintaining our culture and personality. So, we have had a revamp, making minor adjustments to our brand to represent the company we are now.

The New 7

Our new unique 7, is inspired by the world we operate within, mirroring architectural structure to create a bold, confident, structurally simple, and authoritative graphic device. Our company logo remains the same, as it embodies our company values and offers the consistency we desire.

Our Colours

We have also altered our colour palette with 3 primary colours to create a distinctive brand identity, which plays a vital part in building recognition with our clients. A secondary colour palette of blue and green tones allows us the flexibility to offer variety and character when needed.

The Future

We remain an independent consulting firm, focused on fire risk and resilience.  In the coming years, we intend to continue adding value to our clients and our people by being wise and leading. Our brand will continue to embody our unique culture and values.

There will be a lot more to follow on our branding as we go through our journey over the second half of the year and into 2023, so watch this space.