BB7 Enhances its Capabilities in Structural Fire Engineering with SAFIR

BB7 recently introduced selected candidates within the organisation to SAFIR, a software package for finite element modeling. The training was conducted through the learning lounge and delivered by Thomas Gernay an assistant professor in civil and systems engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He is a renowned expert in computational modeling techniques and risk-based methodologies for enhancing the resilience of structures against fire and other man-made and natural hazards. The candidates who underwent the training session all had a background or interest in structural engineering.

What is SAFIR?
SAFIR is a powerful tool for simulating and analysing complex structures in fire. The training highlighted the various benefits that SAFIR can bring and its key functionalities.
The introduction of SAFIR further strengthens BB7’s capabilities in structural fire engineering. It enables the organisation to support its customers better and address the challenges they face. The training was a step towards enhancing the skills of the personnel in using this software package to its full potential, thus complimenting our Learning Lounge agenda of investing in the skills and progression of our people, to provide our clients with the Golden Thread of fire safety services.

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