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Strategic Design

No matter what type of facility is being developed, security will at some stage, be considered. Whether the driver is developer, occupier, or regulator led, the earlier security is considered in a project – the less it will cost, and the less intrusive the measures will be.

Security is not about any single solution, and our security engineers understand that any solution must be risk-based and be cost- effective. Wherever possible, we will identify value engineering opportunities and can show examples where we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds, just by thinking strategically about a problem.

Our engineers understand the built environment and can propose solutions that will work on paper and, more importantly, work once the facility is in-use. We design our solutions to promote resilience regarding the actual facility, but also for the environment. We want spaces to be used as they were intended and that means people feel safe to be there and go about their lives. Security should be enjoyed, not endured.

Integrated System Design

Security events happen quickly and, sometimes, with no second chances. Operators need to make decisions quickly and an integrated system can provide much information feeds simultaneously, speeding up decision-making time and, crucially response time. A well-developed system can also reduce the need for security personnel.

But, security is not just about stopping bad things from happening. It can be about predicting when they are about to happen, and also identifying when they have. All systems generate valuable information, from providing the ability to spot, or even predict, unusual behaviour, to identifying when an area has been potentially compromised. Without an integrated approach to system design, opportunities can be lost.

Lastly, security systems can be used as a business enabler in some circumstances. The data generated through the various systems can be used to inform product placement, opening times, advertising opportunities etc. the list may be endless, but without a strategic and integrated approach to system design, security may remain connected to a store room out back.

BB7’s consultants can help security, facility, and building managers to make their systems work strategically regarding their security solution, but also regarding their business. There is no point in installing new systems, if you can simply make your existing one work harder and more effectively.

Information security management systems

Information security management is widely considered to be the biggest threat to organisations across the globe. Cyber attacks are on the increase, with more than 1000 attacks taking place per hour in the UK alone.

While the financial cost of attack varies considerably across company types and sizes, the consequences of a successful breach are nearly always fatal to SME’s and can sometimes cause significant interruption to large corporations.

Information security management is, mainly, concerned with assuring the confidentiality of information, maintaining its integrity, and ensuring its availability. While a breach of confidentiality can lead to fines for the organization suffering the breach, it can lead to other fraud offences for those who the information relates to.

In the construction industry, the confidentiality of data is crucial –especially where terrorism is concerned, but being able to assure the integrity of that data can be equally, if not more so.

This is especially true where the information asset are new development plans. A multi-million pound project could be sabotaged during the planning stage, but the breach not discovered until after construction has begun which could then cause significant delay and be catastrophic in terms of project costs.

BB7’s information security consultants can implement effective management systems that are relevant to your organisation or your project.They are accredited ISO 27001 lead auditors and can support organisations as they work towards embedding effective information security without their organisation.

Service portfolio

  • Project Security Brief

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Site selection and Spatial Planning Support

  • Access and Circulation support

  • Conceptual Design Strategy

  • Developed Design Strategy

  • Technical Design

  • Integrated Systems Design

  • Tender Support

  • Witness Testing and System Commissioning

  • Handover Strategy and support

  • BRE ‘SABRE’ design rating assessment

  • Information Security Management

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