Photograph of Belhaven beer tap


Green King are one of the leading pub and brewing companies in the UK, running 1,900 managed, tenanted, leased and franchised pubs, restaurants and hotels and have been brewing award-winning ales for more than 200 years.

BB7 are working with Green King, trading as Belhaven in Scotland; providing fire risk assessments and fire safety advice for their pubs and restaurants across the whole of Scotland.

Via a rolling programme their Scottish pubs are regularly fire risk assessed by BB7; and by working closely with the Belhaven estates team and their tenants/mangers, we assist the chain to keep fire safety compliance high on the agenda.

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This seminar introduces fire engineering from first principles and gives a brief overview of the discipline and the profession.

We seek to raise awareness of the benefits of a fire strategy and the opportunities that fire engineering can create for Architects and their design teams.

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