Photo of Park Lane hotel, London

Park Lane Hotel, London

The Park Lane Hotel is an iconic 5 Star hotel on London Piccadilly.

The hotel was originally built in the 1920s by Sir Bracewell Smith in the Grand Art Deco Style. The building is a fine example with a mansard roof and Portland stone facade. The building is Grade II listed.

It has 302 bedrooms on eight floors with the front overlooking Green Park towards Buckingham Palace. The hotel was bought by Sheraton Hotels in 1997, which was itself bought by Starwood Hotels the following year. It continues to be operated by their Sheraton brand, though the hotel has never used the Sheraton name.

BB7 have been working with the design team on the long-awaited refurbishment of this iconic building and have prepared a retrospective fire strategy and undertaken comprehensive fire risk assessments and surveys.

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