Photo of Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh Scotland

Royal Scottish Academy,
National Galleries of Scotland

Project background

The National Galleries of Scotland controls the three national galleries of Scotland located in Edinburgh as well as three other major National Galleries which are located nearby the city centre.

National Galleries of Scotland also are responsible for a further eight buildings which vary from the storage of art to smaller office accommodation buildings.

The Royal Scottish Academy is situated on The Mound in Edinburgh, was built in 1822-26 and was extended in 1831-36.

A Grade “A” listed building consisting of two storeys of largely galleries and sales areas which are sub-let to traders. Predominantly flat roof with plant rooms on roof

Our Role

BB7 was appointed to produce the Fire Risk Assessment for the Royal Scottish Academy Building and for the portfolio of buildings under the stewardship of National Galleries of Scotland which included varied mixture of modern purpose built buildings, listed buildings which have been altered to office use and purpose built listed buildings offering a variety of challenges to the Fire Risk Assessor.

Benefits of Service

As the building links buildings which contain National treasures which are irreplaceable should they be damaged by fire, Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Management must be to the highest standards. Galleries often display work from other Galleries and the reassurance must be sought from the Galleries which display works from other countries that their works of art will be contained in a safe secure environment and returned undamaged.

There are many issues associated with listed buildings including aged wiring, on-going maintenance & hot works, compartmentation which is not typical of modern requirements, hidden voids, elderly construction methods, combustible contents, adapting existing materials and integrating modern early auto detection/fixed installations into an existing building if required.

BB7 carried out the contract to Fire Risk Assess the portfolio of properties on behalf of National Galleries of Scotland taking into account all the requirements of listed buildings in a sensitive and balanced manner. BB7’S advice focussed on actual rather than perceived risks, enabling the client to focus their financial resources where they could make the greatest contribution in a cost effective manner.

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