Broome park

Broome Park, Canterbury

Broome Park is a Grade I listed building in Kent. Buildings of architectural and historic significance require specialist fire safety knowledge.

Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener, bought the estate in 1911. He commissioned the remodelling of the house by Detmar Blow and Fernand Billerey. As part of the remodelling, they created a formal garden and carriage approach. In the early 1930s the estate was bought by Mr G C Jell, who transformed the building into a country house hotel. During World War II, the estate was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence. The estate is now a golf and country club.

We have recently undertaken a detailed fire risk assessment for the building’s owners, giving consideration to property protection and life safety issues. The house was built between 1635 and 1638.

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