Photo of Poppy Building London

Poppy Building, London

Project background

Rooted in the tech hub of Clerkenwell is The Poppy Building. The client had recently acquired the building, which was relatively new, but void of a fire strategy. BB7 were appointed to devise the fire strategy.This self-contained office building consists of a ground floor and four upper floors providing a total of 8,206 sq ft. The building has been constructed over regular column-free floor plates to maximise the levels of natural light. The ground floor benefits from both office and retail use.

Our Role

BB7 were appointed to carry out a site inspection and then develop a fire strategy for the building. There were some deviations from the guidance, one being that there was a single staircase for a five storey office building. During the site visit, it became evident that a mechanical ventilation system had been installed. This system depressurised the stair lobby at each floor level to protect the single stair.Upon this discovery, the justification for the deviation from the guidance was made clear and our fire engineers were able to produce a fire strategy for the building.

Benefits of Service

The site visit and production of the fire strategy made the client aware of the different systems in their building and subsequently what needed to be maintained. The strategy provided a performance specification for any future works that may be carried out on site.

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