Portrait of Portrait of Stuart Williams Head of BB7 Security Consulting by Francois Reynier

Stuart Williams joins BB7 as Head of Security Consulting

We are proud to announce our Security team have gained a new Security leader in September 2017!

Stuarts appointment will strengthen both BB7’s security team and overall security knowledge across the company. Stuart is a Chartered Security Professional and Fellow of The Security Institute with a Master’s degree in Security Management.

Stuarts security based career began as a police officer in the Metropolitan Police in London, but he then decided to move towards a career in the British Army where he served for 17 years as a commissioned officer in the Intelligence Corps (INT CORPS), retiring in the rank of Major in 2004.

Stuart had some outstanding achievements throughout his career, one being his leadership of the first British Army Himalayan Kayak Expedition in 1999, which was the largest and most advanced military kayaking expedition of its kind.  During this expedition, Stuart was awarded a Commendation for Outstanding Leadership for the successful rescue of a Danish civilian who nearly drowned on a commercial rafting trip.

Since then Stuarts career path has contributed to his deep understanding of the built environment, both nationally and internationally. Firstly with Control Risks Group in London, before moving on to Buro Happold in Bath where he gained a deeper understanding of engineering and design.

While at Buro Happold, he developed an innovative approach to the security design process, working closely with fire engineering and other disciplines, to achieve high levels of inherent, discrete protection for iconic sites such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This project connected Stuart to the Middle East where he has spent the last 9 years in Abu Dhabi working for both a private security consultancy company and for the government as a security adviser.

During this period, he has been at the forefront of the Emirate’s drive to embed security into the fabric of the city. He was the co-author of the innovative and award-winning Safety and Security Planning Manual and has overseen its implementation in all new developments since 2013, when it became a planning regulatory requirement.

In addition, he was the lead security adviser for the development and implementation of the Crowded Places Protection Programme, which has proved the long-known mantra that embedding security early into a project can greatly reduce vulnerabilities to crime and terrorism, improve aesthetics and functionality, preserve the client vision and result in considerable cost savings.

For this work, UPC was awarded the International Achievement Award and Counter Terrorism Solution Award at the Security Excellence Awards in 2014. This year Stuart elected to return to the private sector to drive this innovative security work rather than being a regulator, which has connected him with Ben and the BB7 team.

Stuart has an in-depth understanding of how security dovetails into new developments, from master planning through to detailed technical design and construction. From early stakeholder engagement, defining the security requirement and the conduct of a security risk assessment, through to developing a viable, balanced security strategy, Stuart has a deep range of operational and design experience to call upon. He also has a comprehensive understanding and experience in corporate security risk management, the auditing of security plans and operations and the development and implementation of counter terrorism solutions.

Stuart is highly regarded within the security industry and has regularly been invited to speak at conferences on Urban Security; he has also been a regular lecturer at the Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research on their MA programme for International and Civil Security. Stuart is passionate about the development of security as a mainstream development discipline and nurturing the career of fellow security professionals, being an assessor and a mentor for the Register of Chartered Security Professionals.

Ben Bradford says ‘I am really pleased that Stuart has joined BB7.  Stuart brings a huge amount of national and international security consulting experience. At BB7 our mission is to make a distinctive, lasting, and substantial contribution to the built environment and with Stuart’s knowledge, training and experience we will continue to do just that’