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Every year, nearly one in five businesses suffers a major interruption. Solid business continuity plans and good crisis preparation prevent such interruptions from becoming business-critical issues that threaten viable operations.

BB7 takes a thorough, 'all hazards' approach that supports the entire business continuity process, enabling our clients to develop robust, repeatable plans. Our consultants work with you to identify the threats and risks you face, and to develop and implement systems and strategies. We set up and train teams to manage crises at all levels in your organisation. 

Well-designed business continuity plans and crisis management processes will ensure that the business recovers in an orderly way and within specified timeframes. We want your essential operations to carry on in the event of an interruption, and limit damage to your business’s reputation, employees, assets and commercial viability. 

Service portfolio

  • Business impact analysis

  • Strategy development

  • Plan review and development (Implementation)

  • Exercises (Validation)

  • Audit and gap analysis (Validation)

Portrait of Chadik Miah BB7 Associate Director Security Engineering by Francois Reynier

Stuart Williams

Head of Security Consulting

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